Monday, December 10, 2012

Searching Through Christianity to Find Christ - An Honest Word on St. Nicholas


Some Christians justify their annual mingling with the world during the holiday season with these false declarations: "Santa is harmless." "It's just good fun." "My kids know the difference between fantasy and reality." and, of course: "It's okay, because St. Nicholas was a Christian!"

*mounting soap box for official address*

St. Nicholas: 

Stories of a 3rd century born man named Nicholas have been carefully twisted in to nostalgia and magic over the last 16 centuries.  No recorded document holds the truth about this man. All we know (or have been convinced to believe) is based on legend and tradition: “According to tradition” Nicholas was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith. “According to tradition” he was released by Emperor Constantine in 324 AD. “According to tradition” he was a compassionate bishop who cared for the children. Sometime during the Middle Ages, Nicholas was canonized as the patron saint of charitable fraternities and children, and legends upon legends were perpetuated about him within the Catholic church. After the Reformation, these deviant legends of St. Nicholas were put to rest everywhere except in Holland. However, when the Dutch Reformed Christians immigrated to the United States, they brought the traditions of "Sinterklaas" with them….and round and round we go.    If Nicholas truly was a saint (a member of the body of Christ, a Christian) he would be disgusted with the idolatry and false traditions surrounding the legend of his deeds.   If his benevolence was truly wrought in humility and in submission to the Holy Spirit’s calling, he would want nothing more than to give glory to God and remind us of Jesus’ rebuke in Mark 7:9… "And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition."


Santa Claus: 

The acknowledgement of Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Pere Noel, Singerklaas, the Christkind, Kris Kringle, Joulupukki, Babbo Natale, Saint Basil, and Father Frost is no less brazen in its declaration than the worship of Mother Earth, Father Time, Mother Nature, or any other pagan deity. If we, as saints, are to teach our children about someone who is omniscient (knows if you’ve been naughty or nice, knows if you’re sleeping or awake), omnipotent (can get in to your house even if you don’t have a chimney, and can make animals fly) and omnipresent (can visit every child on earth in one night)….that someone should be GOD!


In Conclusion:
Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa…and he was concocted by Lucifer himself to become a distraction and idol to those seeking temporal delight.  Don’t fall prey to the devil’s devices.  Seek truth and focus wholly on Christ alone.  Flee from the ways (and traditions) of man and seek the kingdom of God. There is no Nice or Naughty List, Virginia. But, there is a Book of Life and I pray that your name will be written there.

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