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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Challenge for Truth - A Search For Reverence

I have watched 3 episodes of The Bible (on the History channel) and one scene stands apart from the rest:  A yielded man kneeling before his god, head bowed.  A reverent prayer spoken in faith. Who is this old testament hero – a picture of reverence and devotion?  Not Moses, Abraham, or David.  It is a Philistine praying to Dagon, a pagan idol.  And according to the script, his god delivers.

And so I think, If the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom than The Bible Mini-series on the History channel is the beginning of foolishness.   There is something drastically absent from this wicked collection of fables: truth.  It is a story turned and twisted...and told without the main character.   An omission of God's presence, His power, and any scrap of reverence for His existence. 

Reverence toward God is essential in building a foundational understanding of His nature.  Satan knows this.  Without proper reverence (and a healthy fear) we cannot truly understand our position against a Holy God.  Now, we know that reverence in any form reveals an esteem that is foreign (and mostly offensive) to this lawless generation...especially toward an unseen authority.   This $22 million dollar compromise is evidence of that.   And for most, (sadly) it will be enough to see a godless tale of broken heroes and powerless victories.   But, for those interested in the truth, here is a challenge:
  This (incomplete) list from the first 3 episodes of The Bible mini-series catalogs missed opportunities to reveal reverence toward God.  In some cases it was removed all together and in others, replaced with arrogant, human-centered banter.  Please click the links beside each point and read God’s Holy Word for yourself.  Compare notes and make the judgement: was this an intentional attack on an ignorant audience, or a few minor errors by well-meaning tv producers?  Either way, don't be another victim of the devil's devices. 

Were “wrong choices and wrong decisions." really the reason for the flood? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Abraham really feel guilty for “convincing Lot to come” on his random excursion? (FIND OUT HERE)

When Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son, did he really yell, “haven’t I shown you enough faith?!” (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Abraham arrogantly confront Jesus about Sodom and demand justice? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Isaac really fight his father, hold a grudge against him, and run to Mommy for protection? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Moses really stare into the burning bush and asks the mysterious voice, “you’re real?” (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Moses really approach the pharaoh on his own authority and demand, “Let MY people go” (FIND OUT HERE)

Did the Pharaoh really blame Moses for the plagues and make no appeal about God’s involvement? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Moses really lead the people across the desert with no protection or guidance? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did the 10 commandments really shake loose from a mountain side? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Joshua really pray to the The Ark of the Covenant, while sitting in the shade under a small awning? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Joshua chat casually with the visitor with the sword? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Saul really believe that he "served faithfully and yet is seems it is not enough." Did he demand a response, shouting, "God! Do you hear your servant?” (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Nathan tell David “God will take your son.” And did David really reply,“We shall see!” ? (FIND OUT HERE)
Did Daniel’s friends really chant in a meditative stance while being lit on fire by Nebachenezzer? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did Daniel really pray standing in a meditative stance? (FIND OUT HERE)

Did John the Baptist  really arrive on the scene without a formal introduction? (FIND OUT HERE)

Was Jesus really baptized without the arrival of the Holy spirit or the approval of the Father? (FIND OUT HERE)
Did Jesus really answer Satan with off-the-cuff remarks when tempted in the desert? (FIND OUT HERE)

I am still compiling a list for episodes 4 and 5. If you have any contributions to this one, please let me know, so I can add them in!