Sunday, December 30, 2012

Train Up a Child - Bible Stories - *FREE* Audio Files

Desperate to surround my children with truth, I am constantly hunting for books or stories that are Biblically sound, or at least not grossly contradictory.  I am so grateful for the discoveries the Lord continues to lead me to. Sometimes a worn book on a shelf at Goodwill for 99 cents. Sometimes a whole series of books to add to my wishlist (the Lamplighter Books) worth their weight in gold. And sometimes overviews of the books of the Bible for children in Audio form....for FREE!!

Originally recorded by a Grandmother (and experienced Bible teacher) for her grandchildren in an effort to help them understand the chronology of the Bible, they are now available to download - for FREE!  Jolee Chamberlin  is a charming narrarator and careful to accurately approach each book of the Bible with reverance and thrill.  She engages the listener with passionate inflections and rhetorical questions like, "The people of Isreal walked through the Red Sea... on dry ground. Now, what do you think of that?"  She speaks boldly, willing to say: "Not only was that a silly thing to do (worshipping idols), it was also a very wicked thing to do."  An honesty I long for when searching through children's liturature.  Biblically accurate....straight-forward truth. Priceless! 

They are officially reccommended for children ages 5-10, but my 3 year old ADORES them and practically has them memorized. I have burned them all to CD's and play them at rest time. She wakes from her nap time to tell me about Elijah, Saul, David, Moses....etc. with a genuine understanding of the history, characters, and lessons of each book. 


Please listen to them for your children....and share them freely!

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